Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Arabic Gum?

My Girlfriend (the vet) told me because of all the diarrhea that I need to make sure I eat salty foods because I don't want to get dihrdrated. I guess salty foods has electrolytes in them.. Normally she said I could just drink a shitload of gatorade but since im doing this experiment I can only drink Pepsi Holiday Spice.. So she is bringing me home a salt lick from work tonight, used for horses..silly, but it should help.

I shit my pants again, I thought it was just gas... I was wrong. Im going to try to save these boxers, so I washed them in the sink.. They are $20 boxers!! Sick.. :(

I had to goto the store and buy some Imodium A-D to help with the non-stop diarrhea... I have to meet with some new clients and I cant be smelling like poopie pants.. I guess the Imodium A-D will put a cork in me..

Im kind of worried about the nose bleeds and the sneezing... I have found if I breath out of my mouth it helps me from not sneezing.. I decided not to drink any Pepsi Spice till after my meeting with the clients..

I called pepsi to ask if there was anything in the Pepsi Spice that would cause all these symptons.. he said the only thing he could think of was a spice called Arabic Gum.. I guess its what gives PHS it's "unique flavor". Need to research it some more..

Off to the store I go..