Friday, November 19, 2004

Bathroom Talk

So I had to poo in a bowl.. as I hovered above this green salad bowl I felt about as manly as a makeup artist on Frasier... thats real gay. I then had to scoop out 3 samples into these little tubes and take it to the doctor. The doctor is going to test me for everything in the book.

I should find out the results Monday.

A side note, my doctor today was a Indian man, the kind that smell and are real smart, but not smart enough to smell better.. I wonder if he knew that guy from yesterday. That would be funny if they hung out.. an Indian and a guy from India..

even better if it was a girl from India...the Indian could live in her clothes..

My urine has been also insane... Peeing red is something no one should ever have to do.. It makes me get butterflies in my stomach, but in my balls. If you dont want to see urine on video, dont watch this quick movie I made: Im sorry I dont now how to make movies good. . but I do know how to make a scarf that is amazing. Fuck if it keeps you warm, I make amazing not warm.

I drank a whole 2 liter already today, because I have been so thirsty.. I took someone from here's advice and I have been taking baths to stay more hydrated.. but im afraid with my current condition, my bath got nasty quick. Yes, the diarrhea is still with me, and its uncontrollable, explosive, violent, and dark crimson red. At least it didnt clog the drain...back to showers.

My girlfriend the vet who has been monitoring my health wants me to stop.. I told her to fuck off and slapped her. Not hard. Just kidding I dont hit women...unless its my birthday and a friend pays for one.