Monday, November 15, 2004

Day One: The First Taste

We'll I just had my first drink...

Maybe I should have tasted it before I decided to do this silly experiment. Its tastes like I got maced by Mrs Santa Claus.. This is going to be a long 45 days. About 1/3 into my glass I started sneezing uncontrollably.. I don't know if this had anything to do with the Pepsi Spice, but it lasted almost 35 mins.. I have to lay down before I could finish the rest of the glass.

The Pepsi Spice has a slight red color to it.. I found this out because when I was sneezing my kitchen wall looked like the camera in a movie where it turns away so the viewer doesn't see a violent bloody murder.

I guess while I lay here I should mention that this experiment does allow me to have ice cubes, 3 per 12oz can.

I also should note that im in great health, and I weighed in yesterday at a sexy 153lbs.. im guessing I will put on a few pounds from the increase of sugar in my diet.

Here is a picture of me drinking a "coke" 1 hour before I started this experiment.

Ok... I just chugged the rest of my first glass and I instantly started sneezing again... I cant stop sneezing... I will check in later when this stops, as its hard to type.