Wednesday, November 17, 2004

DAY THREE: Hard Nights Sleep

I woke up around 4am, sweating and my heart was pounding.. I think I had too many Pepsi Spices..the caffeine maybe?

Im adding to my allowance of ice per 12 oz glass.. starting today I will be allowed to have 6 ice cubes instead of 3.. Im thinking that I need my Pepsi Spice colder.. maybe that will make this project easier..

My tongue isn't swollen anymore but the odd white patch still remains on my tongue.

My weight is 161 today.. that sucks... what the hell?..I started off at 153??? That seems impossible.. maybe my original weight was a pre-shit weight.. or maybe Pepsi Spice is trying to turn me into Santa like a gay Tim Allen movie.. who knows.

The sneezing returned this morning.. My first Pepsi Spice this morning came shooting out of my nose and right on my poor cats face.. I tried to just wipe my cat off with a paper towel but a little while later I noticed her face was all sticky so I had to wipe her off with a wet cloth, which caused her to claw my arms all up.. man im a mess.