Thursday, November 18, 2004


I keep drinking and drinking... you can tell my body is craving water..Im almost about to polish of my second 12 pack.. axe that... im NOW drinking the last can as I write this.. I still cant believe I sneezed on the reporter.. It came up so fast I didn't have time to cover.. now that reporter thinks im some gross guy that doesn't cover his mouth when he coughs.

I got a letter that I will add to the FAQ:


I think your mission is very interesting. You say you're in fashion? Are you known for anything?

Jason Sauert
Umbato, HI

Well I originally moved out here to be a model.. I started off with nude modeling.. and then I did product modeling... I would model for companies to use my likeness... Meijers, Honda, and even Quiznos has used my likeness in the past... the one I get the biggest kick from is Half-Life... mostly because I play that game alot!

Me a few years back..

Me forever in a game..

I haven't played the new Half Life, but I heard its good.. I just wish I got paid more from that game..anyways...then one day I thought of the idea for "ShitShirts" a company that sold tshirts that you would give as gifts to guys as a joke.. after a one wash, the front of the tshirt would turn offensively gay.. logos and art with homo sayings.. like "Thundercocks" instead of "Thundercats" would now be on display on the front of the shirt.. a gag gift... you know a "Spencer Gift" .. anyways I sold the company to a Japanese woman for a ton of money, now I have my own fashion company.. I mostly only design for celebrities and dogs.


Pepsi holiday Spice Consumed: 24 (12oz cans)

Health Effects Noted (If Any): Sneezing