Friday, November 26, 2004

Fuck You Ice-T!

Ice T, Fuck you buddy..

Ok, I don't know why I really thought it would be a good idea to sign my girlfriend up for a wakeup call this morning, but I did. Target has this promotion that you can go to and choose some B-List celebs to call and wake you up.. pre-recorded that is... My poor girlfriend had to work this morning, she woke up around I thought it would make her laugh to have Ice-T call her at 5:15am.. Wrong..

First my girlfriend said she was shocked and scared.. the phone rang, and when she said hello I guess Ice-T started screaming at her to wake up..calling her "weak ass"... she hung up on Ice-T.. I was sleeping so I didn't know what was going on.. For the next hour, which is normally the time where she drinks coffee and gets ready, she was shaking and scared.. she thought some angry black person was after her.

Thanks alot Target. Ya Dick... my girlfriend is leaving me, she has her car packed..I might have to put some alcohol in my Pepsi Spice too angry to type.