Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I had to take my medication tonight

Last year a scientist said his study found that over 99% of the people surveyed had a older male relative teach them the wise knowledge; to never punch anything with your thumb inside of your fist. My father died in a horrible horrible plane accident, so horrible that I often say horrible twice. My Uncle and both grandfathers died by three separate cancers, all from the groin area, but only 3 months apart. I had about as much male influence in my family than a goth chick has clean smelling asshole. Which is none, negative.

So I was so angry because Lindsay Lohan was suppose to fly in and meet me to finalize our deal, but couldn't. She called me this afternoon, she was high on mocaine. Mocaine is mushrooms grounded up with cocaine. It speeds you up and throws you out.. a intense tounge from asshole to belly button, instantly. Mocaine is hawt here in the hills right now.. If you can find me a porn star that's not on mocaine, I will find a pat for your back. Lindsay has been mocaining it hard recently...So hard she's been skipping on our appointments.

I was so pissed, that I punched my cat by mistake..her claws digging deep into my inner thighs. I pulled up my pants and screamed like a girl. I had punched the cat with my thumb inside my fist. I think its broken.

Fuck Fuck Fuck.. I put Ice on it.. Ice made out of Pepsi Spice.. I bet that scientist only interviewed one person in that experiment, and that one person wasn't even 100% sure.

I can move my finger, I guess I just hurt it.. Keeping ice on it, then I most likely will drink the "Pepsi ice".