Saturday, November 20, 2004

My Neck has grown a vagina..

Im freaking out.

My neck has been itching for a few days.. this morning it felt like I had a lump in my neck... I ran to the mirror, WHAT THE FUCK?

It looks like a ovarian cyst of some kind has grown on my neck!

So of course I do what I always do when I find a huge tumor on my neck.. I searched the internet for advice. I swear to fucking god, the internet is funded by the medical world. Because if you type in "runny nose" into the google, at least 90% of those pages returned will say you have "the aids"... (the other 10% will say I can get "the aids" from a Free Ipod)... The internet is just another tool to scare the living piss out of you.. So Yahoo medical says I most likely have either a ingown hair, Aids or cancer..

I will be asking the doc about it, if it's still there on monday...

At least I weighed in at 169 again today... so I didn't gain any weight...phew...

I have been getting a ton of email and most of its saying; "im stupid" or "im going to die"...or "you are gay", or "your face looks like a sick penis"... I cant answer all of them, but my health is being monitored by a professional.. YES! vets are doctors too.. more of a doctor then most moms, but yet we trust moms every day when we are maybe its you guys that "have faces like sick penises"!

Pepsi holiday Spice Consumed:
24 (12oz cans)
4(2 liters)

Health Problems Today (if any): Itching Neck Vagina, Mild Bloody Nose, Diarrhea.