Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Pepsi Holiday Shits

Well I woke up a few more times last night with the diarrhea... I also had a few more bloody noses.. but whats even worse is I thought it would be cute to warm up some Pepsi Holiday Spice in the microwave to drink as a coffee replacement. Well, dont do that... It must of turned whatever chemicals that are in the pepsi bad.. because one sip tasted like what I would imagine prison cock would taste like. I instantly started sneezing, which made me shit my pants and on top of the horror I got another bloody nose. Luckily no one was home when this happened.

After the sneeze/shit fit I tossed my pants in a garbage bag and took a long shower.. What is happening to me? Maybe im just sick...maybe I got the flu.. but whats the chances of this all happening the same time im doing this experiment. I got another bloody nose when I was taking a shower.. it ran down my chest, down my leg, and into the drain.. just like a shower after a rape scene in a movie.. is Pepsi Spice raping me?


Pepsi Holday Spice Consumed: 8 (12oz cans)

Weight: 159

Health Effects Noted (If Any): Sneezing, Bloody Nose, Diarrhea