Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Pepsi Spice has taken over..

My nose is red from the constant sniffling and bleeding.

My ass puckers when someone talks too loud.

My stomach gurgles, wanting relief from the constant red dye and holiday spices.

My piss has turned red, and now its a fluorescent orange.

My girlfriend left me because of the Target corporation, and their nasty marketing campaign to have gangster rappers yell at you, WAKEUP!! before the discounts have expired!

I brought a robot into my home, something I have feared as a kid, something I still fear as adult. It pulls my hair, but it must be combed.

I think the Pepsi Spice has taken over.

My mind isn't what it once was... I fear the worse. My phone is ringing, but I don't care..I'm thirsty.

So thirsty.... I drew a photo, as I tried to call my X girlfriend one more time on the phone.

Fucking Target...

Fucking Pepsi Spice.



Is my phone ringing or was I calling?