Saturday, November 20, 2004

Q & A

Q: First, thanks for your unwavering commitment to further the cause of
scientific inquiry.

Second, it's not really clear form you web sites if you're exclusively
consuming Pepsi Spice, or if you're allowed to eat solid food as you
normally did.

My sense is that you're just limiting liquid intake to Pepsi Spice (and
whatever water melts from the ice cubes), but still eat "normally."

I hope I'm right, because otherwise, I do think you're going to die.
Don't die, the planet needs all the scientists we can get.

A: Im eating normal. Only my "liquid intake" is Pepsi Holiday Spice. Which may I add, gets better the more you drink.. or another spin on it... Pepsi Spice may cause brain damage so severe that it makes you think it tastes better after time.
Q: you should probably come up with a new image for the front page ( )

while you claim to be drinking nothing but pepsi for 45 days, with no
water, the picture clearly contains a beverage that's half water (the ice!)
A: While I agree its misleading, the glass was actually only a shot glass with little pieces of ice.

Q: Learn to type! Your face looks like a sick penis!
A: I work in the fashion industry, not the typing industry... Im sorry my face is not better looking for you.