Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I take that back...I dont feel 100% normal.. after updating my last post. Lindsay called me.. it scared me because its so late and the phone was so loud.. but she just got back from a rave and she wanted to talk.. I was so scared that I farted (something I always do when im scared or lonely), which made me shit my bed.. My girlfriend didnt wake up, so I took a magazine and pushed the shit on to her side of the bed so she would think she did it.. but the shit was wet so it just smeared I tried to shit on the magazine so I could pour a little on her butt to make it more believable.. but when I shited the second time it was just pee coming out of my ass and it got on my laptop... so I guess I still have the shits and I need a new laptop...hopefully its just the power supply that sparked.