Sunday, November 21, 2004


Last month, actress Lindsay Lohan's business partner came to me about doing a line of clothing for an animal charity event here in LA. I guess Lindsay wanted to donate a few designs with her name on it, to a company that's profits go mostly to animal rescue and care...This company will then take my designs and mass produce them and sell them to places like Petco..but with Lindsay Lohan's name and logo on them.. this is called rebranding in the fashion world. Most of the clothing you buy is rebranded.. Some companies I rebranded for even make me sign contracts so I couldn't even tell you what I designed for them..(there is a reason why Coach's wallets are almost the same price as their purses..wink wink) Anyways.. one of the designs for Lindsay is a line of "Kitty Capris"..I showed her my designs over lunch recently and she loved them!.. today her business partner called me and said that Lindsay will have to cancel the designs because the charity company that was going to use and produce them changed their mind.. a fellow designer friend of mine heard from the grapevine that the company thinks Lindsay's image has become too trashy as of recently.

So I thought I would help Lindsay out..In LA they have these things called "speed shacks".. they are like sweat shops, but without kids.. each speed shack has about 50 mexicans in a small underground room.. you give them the material and the design, and they pump out enough units in a few hours for your first run.. Lindsay told me to do it, so today I spent all day at the speed shack. My desk faced the workers so I slipped on my Ipod and zoned out for a few hours..

One of the workers, I think his name was Hiram or something like that, was in charge of all the other workers.. like a manager. He was a total ass.. he would go up and down the isles and hover over a workers back.. breathing down their neck. I didn't know if one the ladies was his girlfriend or what but I saw him grab her breast from behind and push his crotch on her back.. She was big and fat, so I didn't question his actions or try to help her. Actually none of the female workers were really that hot.. A illegal alien speed shack worker is a safe bet when it comes to some sexual harassment I guess..but I controlled my own urges.

The girl on the right is the one Hiram kept harassing... I found out later he wasn't dating her.

The run was finished and they are ready to be shown to the charity. As soon as I hear back from Lindsay I will post some photos and where to purchase them.

I felt good today, my neck cyst isn't swollen as much as it was yesterday.. now it looks more like a rash... I have put some Florasone on it, and it hasn't itched much.

My weight was 172 this morning.. my clothes are all tight.. Im going to start a new workout tomorrow.

I drank 1/2 of the 2 liter at the speed shack, but I threw the other 1/2 out there because it was so hot in that place it made my pop flat.. My girlfriend made me some chicken noodle soup with Pepsi Spice as a joke, it actually was good! I sneezed a few times, but no bloody nose and only light diarrhea.

Pepsi holiday Spice Consumed:
24 (12oz cans)
8.5(2 liters)

Health Problems Today (if any): Mild Itching Neck, Mild Diarrhea, Mild desire to molest illegal Mexican worker.