Wednesday, December 01, 2004

10 before 10

I drank the last of the 10th (2)liter before 10pm this evening. I threw the plastic bottle off my balcony in celebration. A sound of a cat screamed below my apartment.. Did I just hear that right? I actually threw something and it hit a cat just like a bad (and very over used) Hollywood sound effect? I looked over the edge of the balcony sure enough, a cat was running away.. That's retarded!

The last 3 (2)liters were rough.. I started pissing out of my ass again, most likely from the intense amount of Pepsi Spice that was entering my body.. FUCK! Today was a lot of drinking. You haven't lived life unless you've seen caffeinated shitpiss sizzling in your toilet like applebeas fajitas...Like pouring a warm can of 7up in a cold ice filled glass.. but red, and a Pepsi product. A few of my burps today were so loud and long, that I bet my neighbors thought I was listening to Eminem's new cd.

"Red40" is the coal laced coloring that's inside Pepsi Spice, and it has stained my mouth permanently red.. My teeth have also been stained, but I have be brushing almost 10 times a day, and using store bought teeth whitener. Even though this might make me more popular in the fashion world, having a monkey butt in my mouth is embarrassing.

Every time I talk to someone I can tell their looking at my mouth. My hand is bruised, but not makes updating this blog hard. I feel so bloated from the amount of PS I drank today.. I weighed myself just for fun a few minutes ago.. 180.. hahaha... im sure I will piss a few pounds out of my ass in the next few hours.