Monday, December 06, 2004

Bow Wow gots me covered.

My tongue has started to blister, and my face has broken out in some nasty acne. The Pepsi Spice is making it hard to function in my everyday life. I'm just happy that the diarrhea has turned more into a soft serve ice cream than a vegetable soup. I stopped trying to make coffee with Pepsi Spice, because I think its ruining my coffee maker. The weight continues to add up, and today I spent the majority of the day shopping for new clothes. I started off in Hollywood, but I quickly found out that Hollywood doesn't do my new weight class.. not even John Goodman could find some new pants in Hollywood. I knew this new weight was only going to be I guess some cheap disposable clothes would be better anyways.

So I went to Sears.

I bought three pairs of pants for $50. Amazing. I didn't even know Lil Bow Wow had a line of clothing. The pants have secret pockets in them, and on the cardboard advertising that's put on the back of the pocket says: "Need to hide your bones?, Bow Wow gots you covered". Only at Sears.

Pepsi Holiday Spice Consumed:
46 (12oz cans)
53.5 (2 liters)