Sunday, December 05, 2004

Im back...

Well I wasn't really "captured" by Stacy.. I had to fly to NYC to meet with Lindsay Lohan since she wasn't going to come to LA anytime soon because of family problems. It was nice having lunch with Lindsay, except her boob kept popping out and it was a tad distracting. For those of you interested she has very big aereolas, like a burnt omelet. She thought it was funny that I had to bring a can of Pepsi Spice to a five star restaurant.

I asked my X-Girlfriend to update my website for me while I was gone, since my laptop is still broken from asspiss. I'm not really sure what that is she posted, but its mildly amusing I guess. Yes, we are still apart.. but on talking terms.

Its becoming increasingly harder to sleep with all the caffeine in my body.

I will have a full report and some Q & A from the mailbag later tonight, I need to try to take a nap because I'm still tired from the plane ride.

Pepsi Holiday Spice Consumed:
45 (12oz cans)
52.5 (2 liters)