Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Lindsay Says Hi

Lindsay is over and she is helping me drink my 10th (2) liter.. She ended up coming to LA for the day.

Lindsay brought over some Mocaine, so it should be a long night.

Today was Wacky Wednesday, where I have to drink 10 (2)liters.. So my heart might explode from the caffeine and the mocaine. I wish Linsay could stay the night, but she said her new boyfriend would get angry. I don't know what she sees in that Dell dude.. "Dude you got Dell".. I hate that prick, he's always crying about something.. maybe I will try to talk her into staying once she does some more mocaine.. I'm sure she's easy to trick, she's only 18.. maybe I can just download some "Gilmore Girls" episodes and get some chocolate... That should work... I'll let you know what happens next update.